Business Process Outsourcing

GinnizTech is a leading client-centric BPO service provider specializing in Customer Support, Technical Support, Telemarketing and Back Office Management. We assist our clients by managing their business processes to world-class standards, while saving 25% to 50% annually and allowing them to focus on their core business competency areas.

Our service model is flexible and affordable, and our comprehensive range of services canbe utilized by clients across the world.

Our Customer Support Team provides a timely, reliable, and cost-efficient assistance to our clients. We have highly trained and motivated professionals dedicated to providing quality support for our clients promptly. We Provide Technical support to our customers through various media, including e-mail, live chat, telephones, messengers, faxes and other Remote Server Technologies (like GoToMyPc).

We offer the wide range of services with client centric view:

Customer support services                                   Information support
Invoicing support services                                     Delivery information and status support
Customer support solution                                    Product Survey
Chat support: Web Call Back                                Deal closing support
Collections support                                                 Telemarketing
Appointment fixing                                                   Customer satisfaction surveys
Payment reminder                                                   Debt collection
Credit card verification solution                             Data Entry (Online and Offline)
Doc. Conversion                                                       Form Processing
Claims processing                                                  Recruitment and resume data management
Order processing                                                     Follow-up calls and mailers

Combination – Inbound and Outbound Call Centre Services
Combining outbound and inbound telephonic, email and web support services and using wonderful technology tools, there are extraordinary solutions that call centres come up with.

Typical Department where Call Center Services can be outsourced:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customers Relations
  • Collections
  • 24×7 Technical Support

Imagine the value of a fully staffed Technical help desk at fraction of the cost. Our Managed IT Support Services provides a solution tailored specifically for small to midsize businesses that wish to focus their efforts on their core business without the distraction and added costs of managing a Technical Help Desk.

Comprehensive IT Support

  • Support for office applications or proprietary applications
  • Handle connectivity, applications, printers and more!
  • Help Desk Consultants are trained to foster user understanding and collaboration
  • Experience troubleshooting Hardware and Software issues
  • Network Administrator skill set with Desktop Support Focus
  • A thorough understanding of each clients’ business for maximum support capabilities
  • Calls answered within 30 seconds

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